Sunday, April 22, 2018

How to always get eligible while activating the 9mobile N200 for 1GB data

Everyone have been complaining aggressively concerning their inability to activate the cheapest N200 for 1GB data plan from 9mobile network that valid for 3 days but the fix has been discovered.
With just the recharge of N200, you would get a massive 1GB data bonus by dialling *929*10#and that’s all. Can you compare that to the normal plan of N200 for 100MB data from 9mobile? Absolutely, No! Chest latest cheat here
So, the issue to problem of ineligibility depends on the time you are activating the data plan. To get eligible, kindly activate the data plan during the weekend which is from Friday to Sunday, see more latest cheat Here
Meanwhile, you can activate it at anytime but during the weekend, all SIM are eligible to activate the offer. Do not he confused, the data plan works any day and any time and on any device.

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