Sunday, April 8, 2018

Apple wants to launch an electric car in 2019

The Wall Street Journal, Apple would make an electric car to be launched in 2019, and triple the size for the design
Apple would count launch an electric car from 2019 according to the Wall Street Journal. The brand with the Apple would also be interested to partner with a car manufacturer in order to bring his project. The instigators of the “Titan” just obtained permission to triple the staff dedicated to its design.
Apple would be well under way to accelerate the development process of the electric car. Project designers currently have 600 people for this project, and teams will soon be widely increased. The Wall Street Journal does not cite its sources but these would be familiar with the matter. However, this electric car would not be 100% self as might have been expected from the old rumors.

Apple includes specialists from the automotive industry in its teams
Apple has hired the automotive industry specialists to develop its Project Titan. Famous names joined Apple teams, like Steve Zadesky, a former leader of the Ford group, or Johann Jungwirth, former President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development. The team can now count on Doug Betts also includes Robert Gough, specialist Autoliv active safety, Pete Augenbergs, former mechanical engineer Tesla and David Nelson, former director of engineering and mechanics within the even automotive group. The Wall Street Journal says that Apple would design a car called “classic” and could be associated with a traditional car manufacturer.

Apple met the regulator permits to drive (VDD) California
The rumors for the production of an electric car were re-launched this Friday, September 18, 2015, after a meeting between officials of the group and the regulator permits to drive (VDD) of California. The meeting aimed to study the rules of the DMV on autonomous vehicles. According to a recent study by AT Kearney consulting firm, the market for autonomous cars could be 500 billion euros by 2035. The various recruitment conducted by Apple indeed show the motivations of the group to position itself in this sector

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