Saturday, February 17, 2018

Android 9.0 P Will Alert you When a Phone Call is Being Recorded

More and more details about Android 9.0 P can't just stop pouring in. Yesterday, we saw leaked features of the upcoming OS which includes display notch support, visual and battery improvements, and capability of working on devices with multiple and flexible displays like ZTE Axon M. Now, a privacy features which will notify you if a phone call is being recorded will be available. All these hints that Android 9.0 P is well just around the corner.

Code commits reveal Android 9.0 P might have built-in support for a warning tone to alert users when a call is being recorded by the other party. If mobile carriers integrate this feature, according to XDA, it will detect the package name of the call recording app and place a 1,400Hz tone that will sound every 15 seconds to inform the user that the call is being actively recorded.

This feature will play a crucial role in boosting privacy, as it will allow for lawful call recordings in all the states that require both parties making a telephone call to consent to the act. In California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and many other states, recording a phone call without informing all parties is termed illegal.

Once Android 9.0 ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ is out (likely in the fall), and this feature released, you can have rest of mind when it comes to phone calls.

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