Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Super Speed Latest Glo free night browsing

A lot of glo ushers seems not to know about this glo free night browsing. This trick as been working for quit sometime I didn't write about cause it was only working on YouTube. That is it was only working for streaming video only. A lot of people didn't find this useful cause non would love  to awake just to stream video online. So me and my team have working on how to make it power all phone with VPN, and we finally succeeded so that's why am bring it to you now.

How does this glo free night browsing works it is very simple just follow the procedure below

How To Be Qualified For The YouTube Plan Offer.
Well to be qualify for the YouTube plan offer is very straightforward and simple.

You just have to sub to any Glo data from N500 above due to my research and you may also try it with their daily plan.

How To Use Glo YouTube To Browse Other Apps And Download Unlimitedly.
Firstly, download http injector apk on Google play Store or any other available sources.
Download these ehi config file Established Ehi Config File

To get this file you have to click the follow button and enter your email address after the end of the post to get.

After downloading any of the above config file, just click in the gear icon at the top menu of injector.

Then click on it, and you will be provided with two options which are
Click on import and locate the ehi config file you downloaded from here.

Now Quickstart the http injector by clicking on START....

Download Speed Testing


  1. Enter your comment.Is it only browsing only at night or all through the day